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X-ray profile measurement

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X-ray cross-profile measurement with PSYSTEME


Range selection of x-ray energy guarantees maximum performance.


PSYSTEME high-speed, ultra-low-noise thickness gauges are excellent suited for measuring 'static' and 'dynamic' cross-profiles of strips.

Therefore the C-frame traverses across the width using a rack and pinion drive with an AC-controlled motor. Outstanding dynamic profiles are obtained with the "Dual-Profiling-Solution" by adding a fixed centre line thickness gauge to compensate thickness changes in strip travel direction.

PSYSTEME adapts the energy of the X-ray beam to the measuring range and obtains clear low-noise profiles which do not need any further arithmetic signal filtering.

Fast data processing and a real-time operating system guarantee excellent profiles for high-speed production lines.

Technical details:


• Measurement range: 0.05 - 50 mm
• Accuracy: < 0.1 %
• Noise: < +/- 0.075 %
• Time constant: < 1 ms
• Sampling rate: 2000 Hz
• Drift: < 0.02 % / 24h
• System availability: > 99.8 %
• Traversing speed: up to 400 mm/s
• Strip speed: up to 25 m/s